Schütze CDB – Cleaning & Degreasing Blaster

Schütze CDB Product

August 11, 2022

Schütze CDB was developed specifically for firearms. CDB does not contain any chemicals
that will harm your firearm.
CDB removes all oils from the metal. After cleaning your firearm or metal parts, a
protective coat of oil must be applied to prevent rusting. Schütze LPO is ideal for this.

CDB is an extremely handy cleaning agent and can be used for the following purposes:

  • Cleaning of reloading dies and built up lubricant.
  • Blasting off dirt, soot and loose carbon on firearms.
  • General cleaning of firearms.
  • Removing ammonia from the barrel after copper cleaners have been used.
  • Removing unwanted chemicals from your firearm.

Schütze CDB – Cleaning & Degreasing Blaster – Afrikaans

Schütze CDB is spesifiek vir wapens geformuleer. CDB bevat geen chemiese middels wat u wapen kan skade aandoen nie.
CDB verwyder alle olie vanaf metaal. Na vuurwapen of metaal skoongemaak is moet ‘n beskermende laag olie aangewend word om roes te voorkom. Schütze LPO is ideaal

CDB is ‘n baie nuttige skoonmaakmiddel wat vir die volgende doeleindes gebruik kan word:

  • Skoonmaak van herlaai matryse.
  • Skoonspuit van vuilheid, roet en los koolstof op vuurwapens.
  • Algemene skoonmaak van vuurwapens.
  • Ammoniak uit geweerloop te verwyder nadat koper skoonmaak middels gebruik is.
  • Ander chemiese middels uit vuurwapen te verwyder.
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