Schütze LPO – Lubrication & Protection Oil.

Schütze LPO is a pure and top quality gunsmith’s oil.
Some weapon oil manufactures falsely claim that their oil adheres magnetically to the steel in your firearm. This is impossible. The only way to magnetize oil is by adding fine
metal particles or magnetite dust to the oil. Should a manufacturer do this, they are not producing gun oil, but an abrasive, not something that one would want to use on a
LPO is a pure firearm oil with the correct viscosity and “creep” to ensure that all parts of your firearm, even the microscopic imperfections in the metal will be covered and sealed
against oxygen, fluids and humidity to ensure protection against rust.
LPO’s unique viscosity factor also makes it the ideal lubrication oil to ensure that the moving parts of your firearm functions correctly and optimally.
LPO contains no additives or chemicals, it is the purest of oils.

Schütze LPO – Lubrication & Protection Oil – Afrikaans

Schütze LPO is suiwer en top gehalte geweer-olie.
Sommige wapen-olie verspreiders beweer dat hul olie in ‘n magnetiese film aan die metaal vaskleef. Dit is onmoontlik. Die enigste manier om olie te magnetiseer is deur
magnetiet stof in die olie in te meng. Sou ‘n vervaardiger dit doen produseer hy nie olie nie, maar wel ‘n abrasie of skuurmiddel, nie iets wat mens in ‘n geweer-olie wil hê nie.
LPO is ‘n suiwer wapen-olie met die korrekte viskositeit en vloeibaarheid om alle dele van u wapen, selfs die mikroskopiese imperfeksies in die metaal, te bedek teen suurstof en
vog om sodoende roes te voorkom.
LPO se viskositeits faktor maak dit ook die ideale smerings olie om die bewegende dele van u vuurwapen optimaal en korrek te laat funksioneer.
LPO bevat geen bymiddels of chemiese middels nie.

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