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Schütze CLP

Cleans, Lubricates and Protects. A go-to product for every shooter. The perfect combination of best quality oil, cleaning agents and unique solvent blend sets this product apart from other CLP’s on the market. Fast and slow evaporating solvents gives you the best of both worlds. Effective in removing plastic and lead fouling. Will also provide protection and lubrication for up to a year under normal conditions. Ideally used after the application of PCS. Will also reduce the amount of copper and brass build-up after use.

Schütze LPO

Lubrication & Protection Oil. This is a pure and best quality gunsmith’s oil which is perfect for the lubrication of all the metal- and moving parts on your firearm and the prevention of rust. This oil is also ideal for the long-term storage of your firearm as it adheres to the metal on a microscopic level.

Schütze CDB

Cleaning & Degreasing Blaster. An indispensible aid when cleaning firearms, it will blast off loose soot and carbon deposits and soften up hardened deposits. Ideal for cleaning those difficult to reach areas of your firearm, especially useful when cleaning semi-autos. Take note that this product will remove all oils and grease from your weapon which will result in rusting if not treated afterwards with LPO or CLP.

Schütze PCS

Pre Clean & Soften. PCS will pre-clean and soften up accumulated deposits in your firearm before you start your normal cleaning procedure. Spray all areas to be cleaned liberally with PCS and store the firearm muzzle down for a day or more – your firearm will be protected during this time. Cleaning thereafter is much faster and more efficient.

PCS has been formulated in such a way that no harm will come to firearms even if they stay saturated with PCS for weeks

Schütze Range

All our products in South Africa are sold and distributed by Omchem (Pty) Ltd.

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